About Language Empire

Language Empire’s history begins with our main advisor, Mr Mohammed Zaman, who established and managed a Local Authority Interpretation & Translation department for over 30 years (1981-2001).Language Empire (LE) has an advisory board of 20 + members, all of whom are Interpreters, Translators and Interpreting and Translating course tutors such as DPSI and Community Interpreting, who have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. The company has two professional BSL consultants who provide expert assistance and support to communication professionals working with deaf and deafblind people.

In 2005, LE quickly established itself in Greater London, providing high quality services to a diverse range of public sector organisations. Our ongoing strategy to recruit and vet professional interpreters and translators of the highest quality has now extended across the UK, and has been the key to our success.

Between 2006-2009, we opened further offices in Birmingham (covering the East and West Midlands), Greater Manchester (covering North West and North East, including Yorkshire and Humberside) and Scotland. By 2012, through the development, introduction and use of advancements in technology it has been possible to move our headquarters to larger premises in Rochdale, Lancashire, allowing for a more efficient and cost saving service for clients and at the same time providing greater sustainability, in terms of the organisation’s development, future and environmentally.

LE was set up to deliver a nationwide face-to-face interpreting interpretation and translation service, targeting the public sector. Its main aim was to deliver a high quality service by professionalising the recruitment and vetting of translation and interpreting professionals, over and above the usual standards of the time. This included initial in-depth induction training with on-going training and development to provide continuous professional development to staff. This is in order to deliver a quality service to specific sector clients such as the NHS, National Probation Service and Local Authorities.

The company provides and supplies professional interpreters mostly to public sector organisations in the UK. LE has over 10 years’ experience in providing high quality and professional interpreters, who are skilled and qualified. LE understands its clients’ needs and also their ‘service users’ needs, which are, bridging the language gap and building two way communications.

We supply interpreting and translation services, locally and nationwide, covering over 400 languages and dialects throughout the UK. To date our 15,000+ strong pool of face-to-face interpreters speak over 435 languages and dialects, as well as rare and exotic languages. Our 5000+ translators are all UK based with a cover for over 200 languages, which can be translated to and from English. We have robust systems to manage our pool of translators and interpreters across the country.

In 2008, LE became an approved supplier for the framework agreement to supply language services to NHS North West. We successfully completed the four-year term of the contract from October 2008 to October 2012. More recently in October 2012, we re-tendered for this contract and were awarded a UK nationwide contract to deliver language services to the NHS through the NHS SBS Framework.

Some of our current large clients include Atos Healthcare, Pennine Care NHS Trust, Lancashire Care NHS Trust, Salford PCT, Salford Council, Manchester PCT, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale PCT, National Probation Trust’s and CAFCASS offices in the UK and Ravenstone UK (an insurance investigation company).