Interpreter Quality Assurance

All interpreters at Language Empire are screened / vetted and trained to a high standard which makes us one of the best interpreting providers in the UK, elements of which are:

  • Identity Check
  • Residential Address Check
  • Criminal Record Check either Standard or Enhanced
  • Verification of Qualifications
  • Permission to work in the UK
  • Face-to-Face, Video or over the phone interviews
  • Employment History Checks, which include evidence of Interpreting Experience.
  • Are provided with a Language Empire Photo ID Card.



  • Interpreting Competency Assessment
  • Native and Non-Native Language and Cultural Assessments



  • Attendance of In-House Induction and Training.
  • Sector Specific Training such as training interpreters on common and complex healthcare issues i.e. mental health.
  • Providing sector specific documents with detailed information i.e. mental health terminology
  • Quarterly appraisals conducted
  • Are provided with ongoing training and development opportunities.



When they are given their first assignment, they are quality checked and audited against our ‘Quality Control Briefing Policy’ to ensure compliance of our high standards in interpreting, which include understanding of Interpreting Procedures, Good Practice and also Confidentiality and Data Protection. In addition, interpreters are briefed at intervals of 10, 15 or 20 bookings. We conduct regular monitoring and feedback of interpreters.


  • Strictly adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct for Interpreters
  • Are familiar with and have an understanding of the use of medical terminology and have the professionalism to convey information in a clear and accurate manner.
  • All interpreters have sufficient experience (min 25 hours+) of interpreting in a health care setting, police setting or other public sector setting.



More than 65% of our interpreters hold one or more of the following professional body memberships:

  • Institute of Linguists (IOL)
  • National Register Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI)
  • Association of Police & Court Interpreters (APCI)
  • Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI)
  • Society of Official Metropolitan Interpreters (SOMI)



  • MA in Interpreting & Translation
  • MA in Interpreting
  • MA in Translation
  • BA Hons Interpreting & Translation
  • Recognised Degree in Modern Languages from a UK university
  • B Ed Hons (with foreign language component)
  • DPSI (oral &written)
  • Met Police Test (inc. simultaneous interpretation)
  • DPSI (oral only)
  • Home Office Approved & Assessed Interpreter
  • IND Assessment (Home Office)
  • AIT Assessment (formerly IAA Assessment)
  • Diploma in Interpreting & Translating
  • Interpreting in Health & Social Care
  • Open University Interpreting Course
  • Introduction to Public Service Interpreting
  • Certificate in Professional Interpreting
  • City & Guilds Interpreting Course
  • Community Interpreting Level 3 (WEA or IOL)
  • Community Bilingual Skills Certificate (CBS)
  • Recognised Language Degree from a UK university
  • UK Lang Related Degree with Language Component
  • MA in Teaching of English from a UK university
  • Recognised degree in Linguistics from a UK university
  • Recognised degree in English Philology from a UK university
  • Overseas degree in Interpreting, Translation, Linguistics, English
  • Community Interpreting Level 1 & 2
  • Sector Specify Academic Degree i.e. Psychology
  • UK academic degree – sector specific i.e. Law, Psychology, Biology