Face to Face Interpreting

At Language Empire, we understand the complexity involved in working with a non-English speaker. The need to break down the language and cultural barriers is of paramount importance in order to facilitate clear communication and thus at LE we aim only to provide you with the highest calibre of Interpreters who will endeavour to deliver our services to you with utmost professionalism and accuracy.
We can guarantee you excellence in our service and promise that your objective of meeting with the non English speaker will have been met successfully.

Language Empire has a recruitment strategy in place which began in 2001.
We have and continue to recruit interpreters nationwide, covering each and every postcode area.

Language Empire covers over 450 languages including new, emerging, rare and common languages with over 20,000 interpreters. We recruit on an ongoing basis to ensure we continue to provide for all these languages in all areas.

Our strict recruitment policy ensures that only the best of Interpreters are recruited whereby on average, only 400 out of 1000 applications would be approved.

All our Face to Face Interpreters are fully qualified and experienced and are CRB cleared. They hold recognised qualifications such as the DPSI or Community Interpreting (Minimum level 3) alongside being members of professional organisations such as the National Register of Public Service Interpreters, Institute of Linguists, Institute of Translators and Interpreters and/or Association of Police and Court Interpreters.
Language Empire also offers in house training alongside continuous quality checks in the form of briefings and assessments to make certain that there will only be excellence in the service provided during each and every assignment. We also ensure that all Interpreters abide by the Company Code of Ethics and Good Practice Guide.

Please visit the “Quality Assurance” section to view how we ensure only the best of interpreters work for us.