Notice to give for Languages

From this list, you can see that the North East areas, such as Newcastle, North Tyne, South Tyne and Northumberland, have become extremely diverse. With these new emerging communities, provision for a wide range of languages in the area is necessary.

By combining these statistics, we have been able to analyse and identify languages where more notice is required for a booking e.g. 4-7 days. Although some of these languages may be the usual / common community languages in the area, the difficulty is that the demand is high and there aren’t enough suitable and qualified interpreters available. Our position is to uphold the quality of interpreters that you have come to expect from NIS. Language Empire also delivers services to match their quality and standard.

We have identified languages, which are considered extremely rare and exotic. This means that it may be difficult to find interpreters available in these languages. There may be small communities who speak these languages, but the difficulty remains that due to the low and rare demand for these languages, qualified and experienced interpreters in these languages often have full-time jobs due to low demand of the language. Therefore they cannot make a living out interpreting full-time. In these cases, required notice would be 7-10 days.

Please note that the notice periods are for indication purposes only, when booking a face-to-face interpreter. For all languages, the more notice we are given, the better the chances of filling the booking. Although we may have interpreters in the languages required, these interpreters also work for other agencies, so can get booked up very quickly, leaving us unable to provide the service.

If an interpreter is required for an urgent medical booking and we are unable to source one, we may advise use of a telephone interpreter. As such, we will schedule a telephone interpreter as far in advance as possible. In extremely rare cases, where a telephone interpreter is not suitable, we will source a face-to-face interpreter from outside the area to carry out the assignment.

Rare and Exotic Languages – 7-10 Days’ Notice In Demand Languages – 4-7 Days’ Notice
Armenian Albanian
Bosnian Amharic
Croatian Arabic
Eritrea Bengali (Sylheti / Dhaka)
Filipino Bulgarian
Finnish Chinese Cantonese
Georgian Chinese Mandarin
Greek Czech
Haitian Creole Dari
Hakka Farsi (Persian)
Hausa French
Hebrew German
Hungarian Hindi
Japanese Italian
Korean Kurdish
Lao Latvian
Lingala Lithuanian
Malagasy Polish
Malayalam Portuguese
Mandingo Punjabi
Mirpuri Pushto
Nepali Romanian
Pashto Russian
Serbo Croat Spanish
Sinhala Turkish
Sinhalese Urdu
Slovakian (Slovak)
Somali (Somalian)